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I've been somewhat interested in HAM radio for many years, seeing the enjoyment that several friends over the years got from their HAM hobby. I've had a Citizens Band (CB) radio off the on since the late 1970's (I was KBLT0255 back when using a CB required a license from the FCC), but for some reason, I never followed up on my interest in HAM radio.

After starting fulltiming in our motorhome, I began to notice several other RVers with HAM antennas on their rigs while parked, and many more with what had to be mobile HAM antennas. The interest was re-kindled. While visiting a friend in Ohio I took advantage of the opportunity to mine his experience of many years in HAM radio. The result is that I am now a licensed Amateur, Technician Class, and have installed a mobile rig in my motorhome and "towed".

In the motorhome I have an Icom IC-207H mobile transceiver. It is a dual band rig, working on both the 2 meter and 70 cm bands, and is very handy for a motorhome installation as it has a detachable faceplate. The radio is stuffed against the firewall beyond my left foot, with the faceplate velcroed onto the lower edge of the dash. The motorhome antenna is a Larsen KG-2/70-CX-PL on-the-glass model. The only glass available for mounting in the motorhome is dual-pane, and the Larsen antenna works surprisingly well there. In the Honda Odyssey I have a Kenwood TM-241a. The Kenwood is a 2 meter rig, and is connected to a Larsen mag-mount antenna. I also have an Icom IC W32A 2m/440 hand-held radio for use at rallys, on my bicycle, or otherwise away from the vehicles.

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