* The Bicycles *

Military personnel have to stay in good physical condition. After several years of running I began to have some knee problems and had to quit running. Now my preferred form of exercise is bicycling -- with my prefered ride being paved trails.

My family has always had bicycles around. I remember learning to ride on my brother's 24" Western Flyer at about age 6-7. The problem was that I learned to start it long before I learned how to stop gracefully -- and to keep it upright I had to go fast! There were lot's of crashes, but somehow I survived. I am older and hopefully now a bit more graceful (at least I can stop most of the time without crashing!), and the only bicycles I own are recumbents!

Recumbent Info

Here we are ready to set out on our recumbents a few years ago -- a short wheel base 1998 model Gecko, built by Nils Palm Recumbents in Germany (Nils Palm later bought out Radius Recumbents), and a long wheel base Rans Tailwind built in Hays, Kansas. Both bikes had front fairings that were not in place on that warm summer day in this picture. We sold the Tailwind after my wife decided she could not confidently ride with a wrist problem she developed. The Gecko is great for trail rides and traffic. For road riding I loved my long wheel base 2000 model Rans Velocity Squared, aka V2. After we downsized to live full-time in our motorhome, I had to sell the V2 because it just took up too much room in the back of the Honda Odyssey mini-van, limiting us to only one additional passenger. In 2008, I added a Catrike Expedition (tadpole trike) to the recumbent collection, and in 2015 we added a Sun EZ-Tri Classic Sx trike (delta trike). Click the photo for more information on these and other recumbents.