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Paul & Jean

Welcome to
* The Empty Nest *

Graphic from "The Empty Nesters' Guide"
... used with permission Our Flower - The Yellow Rose

-- A place where people & pets meet the
challenges of life with faith --

...where the mild mannered retired Military Chaplain and the book-loving former Chemistry Teacher share a few parts of tir continuing adventure of life. It's not always exciting, but it is quite worth the personal effort and sacrifice.

Since our marriage in 1972, we have lived in ten states and one U.S. territory. We've moved over 20 times, from a few blocks to around the world. It has been a privilege to explore the riches of our great nation and other cultures of the world. Together we have experienced the four corners of the United States along with bits of life in Bali, Canada, Denmark, Dominican Republic, England, Greenland, Guam, Korea, Mexico, Okinawa, and Saudi Arabia. After retirement we lived in our 40' motorhome for seven years, traveling around the country. Now we have settled down, but still travel when we can.

...about our Motorhome
Click this photo to learn about our home-on-wheels and our full-time RVing experiences...

Gecko & Recumbent Info ...or click this one to check out some neat recumbent bicycles!!

Explore some of the following pages to learn more about what is important to us as we continue the adventure of life together.

Our RV Adventures...
The Chaplain's world (Bicycling, old Fords, HAM radio, Military, Religion) ...

and our Maltese & Morkie dogs,
in memory of Xena, Warrior Princess...,
in memory of Princess Magnolia, aka Maggie...
The Unsinkable Molly Brown, aka Molly..., and
Queen Bebi, aka BB...

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