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* Princess Magnolia, aka "Maggie" *


"Surrounded by large creatures driving a wide assotment of RVs in an endless parade of campgrounds, a bigger dog with established turf, and a host of other evils, Princess Magnolia is on a mission to bring her enthusiastic Southern charm to people needing to free themselves from the busy-ness and boredom a furball-less life."

[Check out Maggie's 3-generation pedigree]


Princess Magnolia died April 24, 2017 at the age of 10 yrs and 6 months. She had increasing complications from an enlarged heart and congestive heart failure, with 4 meds having been added one by one over the past 2 years. She died early on a Monday morning after struggling to breathe for two days. She was an absolute sweetheart to the end.


Maggie Maggie

When we decided Xena and her people needed a new member of the family, we began to look for a new Maltese puppy. While visiting in Alabama, we found a new baby needing a home. Since we already have one Maltese princess in the family, we had to find a suitable name for the new puppy. Since she is a Southern Belle, we settled on Princess Magnolia, thinking of the sweet smelling white Magnolia blossums common to Alabama. She will be called Maggie. Here is Maggie just after she joined us on January 4, 2007. She keeps asking the old lady Xena to play with her. So far Xena isn't all that interested in rolling on the floor with a young pup, but she has learned to occasionally accept Maggie snuggling up to her.


Maggie Maggie Maggie has adjusted very well to living in and traveling in the motorhome. She cries anytime anyone goes outside and she doesn't get to go, but sometimes is satisfied with sitting in the window on the back of the couch where she can easily see the great outdoors. And when she gets tired of looking out the window, she will lay down and take a nap right there on the back of the couch!

Maggie 6mo
And here is Maggie at just over 6 months, just after her first "professional" grooming. The little white bow with colored stars on it that you see in her hair lasted about 7 hours before she got rid of it!

Maggie 2 1/2Maggie Trike
Maggie at 2 1/2 is a delight ...she is so eager for any new experience, she loves to go outside and approaches anyone and anything for a close look, but is often a bit timid when other creatures get up close. Here she is sitting on the step of the motorhome after a close-cut grooming, and sitting in her special "seat" in the side basket of the Catrike where she loves to go for rides!