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Remembering the Cost of Freedom

Some military and military related links you might find informative...

** NOTE: Some military sites have restricted areas. But not to worry -- nobody will come to shoot you if you attempt to enter restricted areas, you will simply be rejected. And even then you shouldn't take it personally. It's not you -- it's your address domain!)

Air Force News ONLINE
Civil Air Patrol - Air Force Auxiliary
Christian Military Fellowship (CMF)
Defense Link
Guide to Military & Veteran Discounts
Military Chaplains Association
Military ONESource
Military Ministry (aka cru Military)
Military Spouse Support Network
Officer's Christian Fellowship (OCF)
Parson Place, former Army Chaplain Michael L. White
Point Man International Ministries
Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Inc.
U.S. Air Force Link
US Air Force Chaplain Service
US Air Force Museum
US Army Chaplain Corps
US Navy Chaplain Corps
Tax Return Filing and Payment Extensions for the Military

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