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* The Unsinkable Molly Brown, aka "Molly" *

"Surrounded by large creatures in RVs and in stick houses, and a grouchy older dog with social issues, Molly is out to win everyone over with her charms."

Molly Molly

After Xena's death at nearly 15 yrs old, both her people and Maggie had some loneliness issues. After several months, we decided we needed a new companion, and began to look for a Morkie ...cross between a Maltese and a Yorkie. We loved the Maltese disposition, but decided to go for a chocolate-colored rather than a white dog. After looking at a few very expensive pups, we found one more in our price range only 15 miles from our "new" stick-house in East Texas. In mid-July 2012, we brought Molly home. She has a great spirit, loves to romp in the back yard, and also loves to snuggle feet ...careful when you take a step!!

Molly MollyMaggie

Molly is used to being around several other playful pups, and keeps asking the old lady Maggie to play with her. But Maggie never learned to play much as a pup, and has not had any playful friends around for several years, so has been quite unreceptive to Molly's overtures ...so Molly often just sits and looks at the strange old lady who refuses to play. Maybe someday ... meanwhile, there is always the big flower pot to play in, or a big shoe or foot to chew on...

MollyMirror MollyNeckPillow

Molly is getting very comfortable in her new home. You can see on the right that she has taken the Cat Person's neck pillow as her very own, very special place to take a nap ...she can cram her entire little body into the pillow, and is happy there for hours. On the left you can imagine her confusion when she went on her first motorhome trip and found another cute little puppy in the full-length mirrors on the closet doors ...and when she wanted to play, the other puppy would not come out and she could not get in!! ...she tried and tried, then sat and whined and cried, and then tried some more. She just could not make it happen. Her big success was learning to run up all the steps into the motorhome. After being shown 2 or 3 times, she figured it out and was soon bounding up on her own ...but it will be awhile before she goes DOWN on her own. One step is okay, but where there are two or more to go down, she just can't figure out how to make it work.

MollySnuggled MollySweater

Several months later, and Molly has truly developed her personality. We selected "the timid one" as we thought that would be a good match for our timid Maggie ...we are VERY glad we did not select one of the bolder members of the litter! Molly tries very hard to rule the roost, but in spite of her larger size, when she pushes the old lady Maggie too far, Maggie will assert her place and Molly will become the submissive puppy. In spite of Molly's very high body heat, she loves to get under the covers and to snuggle. So to help her feel "snuggled" on those cool winter days, we tried her with a sweater. She wore it for awhile, and then simply walked right out of it!

MollyYard MollyFace

Molly loves to be outside. When she tires of chasing birds and bugs, she will lie down and watch her surroundings. If she can't be outside, her favorite place is on the back of the couch in the motorhome with her face pressed against the screen of the open window. Molly loves everyone and every creature she meets, normally overwhealming them with her enthusiasm. When the opportunity presents itself, the loves to run and play with other dogs. She is a very playful and energetic young lady!