* The Trucks *

Born on a farm in western Oklahoma, growing up in farm towns in Oklahoma and Kansas, and working on farms and on a custom harvesting crew, I have a special fondness for trucks. Since "REAL" trucks are very impractical for someone living in the city, I have exercised that fondness on vans ('70 Ford E-200 & '63, '64, '85, & '89 VW), pickups ('80 VW & '67 Ford F-100) and a "full-size" sport utility ('97 Ford Expedition XLT). AND, the latest "truck" is a 40' Winnebago motorhome on a semi-monocoque Spartan Mountain Master GT diesel chassis.

A few years ago on one of our "Air Force sponsored" moves... --
There were 4 cars and 3 drivers so the one without a/c got to ride!
And the F-100 made another move the same way a few years later!

The only light "truck" I currently own is the 1967 Ford F-100 that was purchased new by my grandfather in August 1967. He drove it only 30,000 miles in the 27 years he owned it, but wore all the paint off the bed floor and sides working it around the farm. However, it had no rust because it lived inside a dusty garage in dry western Oklahoma and was driven very little. In 1993, I replaced the tires, fan belt, hoses and water pump and drove it from Oklahoma to Alabama (I made it almost to Dallas before I had to replace the thermostat)!! In spite of some deer hunting duty with my older son, and sitting outside for 6 years while in my son's custody while we were fulltime RVing, it has lived a relatively easy life since I drove it away from the farm. I have done some work on it each year while visiting over the holidays, and got the seat rebuilt and reupholstered in 2011 as the original vinyl had split out. My next projects include; 1) curing a slight leak at the exhuast manifold; and; 2) replace seals in the steering box to stop an occasional little drip underneath.


'67 Ford F-100 VIN F10AKB34540 -- 240 c.i. 6 cyl, "three-on-the-tree" transmission. The only things not original are part of the right side chrome moulding on the door and bed, and the sliding rear window. (The original glass is in storage.)


** CLICK HERE to view detail photos of the '67 F-100


-- and the 40 foot 2003 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage motorhome, built on a semi-monocoque Spartan chassis and powered by an 8.3 liter, 350hp, turbo-charged Cummins diesel engine. This 15 ton beast is truly a "big rig!"

** CLICK HERE to view detail photos of the '03 Ultimate Advantage