Saturday, May 2, 2020

Boosting the local economy!!

     RVing is an adventure … even when you aren't RVing!!  Our diesel pusher has 5 large 12v batteries on board … 2 chassis batteries supporting the "truck" side, and 3 house batteries supporting the "house" side.
     During our annual chassis service in March, the shop advised us that the chassis batteries went dead on them a couple of times and when tested, they failed the load test. While they were at it they also tested the house batteries and advised that one of them failed the load test.  These batteries were all 6 to 7 years old … pretty good service.
     I decided while in COVID-19 lockdown that I would replace the chassis batteries, Group 31HD bateries, and do the house batteries in another month or so. Alas, the best laid plans …
     While installing the new chassis batteries I was hearing a strange noise. Then I touched the nearest house battery and found if very hot to the touch … not good. Then I realized the hissing sound I was hearing was the battery boiling … while not hooked up to external power, charger, etc. REALLY not good!  I tripped the battery disconnect switch and the boiling continued, so I disconnected the negative cable on the closes battery to shut all three batteries down.
     So, after finishing installation of the two new chassis batteries I went in search of three new house batteries … Group 29 deep discharge batteries. I found them at a local auto parts store at a good price, and got them installed.
     The motorhome is now happy with 5 new batteries in place, but my vision of spreading the cost over a couple of months didn't work out.  We did more than our part to boost the local economy on the day that Texas "re-opened" for business … apx $150 for groceries, and just under $600.00 for batteries.  Yikes!  RVing is great, but we haven't been anywhere since early March!!  Even so, we have learned that these beasts cost money just sitting still!!  At least we will be ready to roll when we can finally get back on the road!!


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