Sunday, May 24, 2020

RVing and Social Distancing

An RV can be a great tool for social distancing!  Just after many states started to re-open from the COVID-19 lock-downs, our granddaughter was scheduled to graduate from high school in Alabama. Although she had been out of school for almost 2 months at this point, we decided to go through with our previously planned trip to her graduation. The plan was to have a private family party to help her celebrate. Then, about a week before the event the school decided to have a modified graduation ceremony in the open-air football stadium with very limited family member attendance. We have rural property there with RV hookups, so were quite isolated in our living arrangements! Using a credit card a the fuel pump helps to maintain distancing, the only required contact with other humans being one take-out lunch along the way and one RV site rental. We enjoyed the week with family, breaking the isolation only for a trip to Walmart for supplies. On the way to Alabama we did an easy two days, staying overnight at Bonita Lakes RV Park in Meridian MS for $25 per night with Escapees RV Club discount. On the return trip to Texas, we got an early start and drove straight through, a bit over 600 miles. To cap off a great trip, we refueled 7 miles from home base paying only $1.86 a gallon for 50 gallon of diesel!

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