Sunday, May 17, 2020

Working the "Honey-do" list ...

With the extended lockdown for Covid-19 I eventually ran out of RV repair projects and moved on to "Honey-do list" items in the "stick house."  One involved the dishwasher, which sometimes refused to wake up and work. At first I thought the breaker for that circuit was bad and flipping it would sometimes cause the dishwasher to work. But the breaker checked out as good. After more checking I found that flipping the breaker off for more than 30 seconds would cause the dishwasher to work. Some internet research told me the problem was most likely the circuit board or the door latch. So I ordered a circuit board for apx $75. The install was relatively easy except for having to lie face down on the floor to work under the front, and so far it is working fine. Another project that was more fun involved the mailbox out at the street.
When we bought the house, it had a mailbox painted and trimmed out to look like a red farm tractor. The previous resident was a red tractor fan who owned a couple of restored tractors, and one that needed restoration. I had done some pretty extensive repairs and repainting on the red tractor mailbox a few years ago. It was needing some minor repair again. We don't own any red tractors, and very recently bought a John Deere lawn mower, so I decided that the repair would include a change in colors.  I would like to see the red tractor collector's reaction if he happens to drive by and see his red tractor is now John Deere green and yellow!!

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